Amazing Selection

Our staff can assist you in finding the right carpet for any room in your home.  We guarantee you will find a carpet that both you and your family will fall in love with!

Tips for Choosing YOUR Perfect Carpet

1. What room will the carpet will be going into. Will it be a Bedroom, Family Room, Children’s room, or basement?

2. Do you have children or pets? If yes, what type of pets and how large are they?

3. What is your style preference? Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional, Victorian? After you answer the first few questions, you can begin looking at the styles of carpet that interest you. There are six types to choose from, within each type, there are many colors and patterns that are available. From sophisticated patterned carpet, to luxurious plush twists, we have something for you. Be sure to check out our Types of Carpet page to find out more.